Entering into services with Blue Branding Solutions constitutes a contractual agreement between the customer and Blue Design Solutions. By entering into this relationship you agree to be held to all the below stated terms of service.

Waiver of Liability

Blue Design Solutions makes no guarantees on the success of your business. Blue Design Solutions is simply a service provided and does not guarantee a specific outcome to the client. We recommend a personal business advisor for such needs.
By submitting files and other materials for print services, you affirm you have full rights to the work being printed and carry with that affirmation all legal liability to infringement. If you are found to have submitted work which violates another's copyright, we reserve the right to terminate your account entirely from future orders.

Graphic Design

Customer understands that Blue Design Solutions retains the rights to all designs created and does not transfer any rights of the design to Customer. With respect to the Company Symbols, all ownership and intellectual property rights shall remain exclusively with Blue Design Solutions. Blue Design Solutions ownership and intellectual property rights in Company Symbols are perpetual and continue even after Customer purchases a design. The aforementioned applies unless explicitly stated by Blue Design Services.

Print Pricing Policy

Prices for print are not static even in the case of a contract with a client for long term print services. Blue Design Solutions bases their print pricing on the overall market and supply costs. In the event of supply shortages which fluctuate print costs, the customer may see print prices increase accordingly. We will actively work to make the client aware of such issues but the customer accepts print costs may increase without warning.

Web Development Policy

A basic website shall be defined as a website with no more than five separate pages. Basic websites do not include payment systems and shopping functionality. All websites which expand into such requests are not covered by the "Blue Web" design price ($349.99) offered on our home page. All websites beyond this definition of basic shall be "Blue Web" price plus design time for additional pages and features. Design time shall be our rate listed under our "Blue Design" offer. ($49.99)
Please note hosting and plugins each are their own services separate from Blue Design Services. As some clients choose to use their own host service, we do not include hosting in the advertised price. If the client requests hosting, the full cost shall be quoted before work begins.
Client websites which will require ongoing updates and changes will be charged at our "Blue Design" rate for time. Clients under our web management monthly plan will have design time costs waived for website changes.


Customer is required to have a card on file before services may be rendered. With regards to ongoing service contracts, the customer agrees to receive regular charges for services rendered. All charges will be recorded in an invoice of record which will be sent to the client. Customer agrees to be charged for services rendered. In the event a form of payment becomes void in the middle of a contract, Blue Design Solutions reserves the right to suspend all services until payment has been rendered and a new form of payment has been added to your file.
Blue Design Solutions reserves the right to charge a partial payment for services which are labor intensive. In the event a client refuses to make partial payment during a project, Blue Design Solutions reserves the right to suspend a project indefinitely until payment has been made.


Blue Design Solutions does not provide trademarking services and does not guarantee the availability of your requested symbols or brand. We advise that you speak with a trademark specialist to ensure your idea is available to you and protected. In the event artwork done by Blue Design Solutions cannot be trademarked, customer understands that services rendered are nonrefundable.

Termination of Services

Customer reserves the right to cancel service at any time. If a customer cancels during a billing cycle, they accept they will be charged for the entirety of that billing cycle. Blue reserves the right to terminate service with any client for any reason.

Upon completion, printed materials are non-refundable. If a customer requests a cancellation after work has entered the press, the order is considered in completion phase and cannot be canceled or refunded. Printing errors are covered for reprint as long as the error is related to the print process itself and not human error related to information on the final product. Once approved by the client, all artwork is printed as is and is considered correct even with errors.

Denial of Services

Blue Design Solutions reserves the right to deny services to anyone for any reason. This includes but is not limited to:
Hate Content | Racism | Sexism | General Bigotry | Etc.
Everyone is entitled to their views but our services will not be used to promote ideologies which target others or will put others in danger.